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At Pike Yoga, we believe that EVERYONE needs yoga. Yoga is the one practice that complements all other exercise programs. Whether practiced daily or once a week, yoga will produce considerable benefits.

Our philosophy, "Attitude. Matitude. Gratitude." comes from our practice of yoga. 

Most of us come to class with some form of an attitude, and not necessarily in the negative sense. Our attitudes can arise from frustration, guilt, anger, fatigue, loneliness, excitement, urgency, contentment, or any number of other feelings. So then, we come to the mat and practice; we begin to work through these outside distractions. 

Yes, it's a made up word. Matitude is simply being present--there on the mat--with the breath, the mind, and the body. Matitude is dynamic--always changing, always evolving. It is the practice of being who it is that you are supposed to be. 

The final component is gratitude. This is where the intention of your practice is absorbed. It is finding light in darkness, quietness in chaos--simply being thankful.

Pop Up Series

Moon Series/Chandra Krama

The Chandra Krama (Moon series) was developed to be a complimentary series to Ashtanga Primary series. The Chandra Krama follows a set pattern just like the Ashtanga Primary series, but the Chandra vinyasas are less energetic than those in Ashtanga (no chaturangas) making the Chandra Krama more accessible.  Chrandra Krama is a wonderful series to develop movement and strength in the hip flexors, hamstrings, and back and will leave you feeling refreshed and calm. This class is good for new students seeking to develop an Ashtanga practice and for experienced Ashtangis.

Pop-Up Series with Matt Cohoon

Upcoming Fridays: March 22, March 28, April 5, 2019


September Updates....

Warrior Girl starts THIS Saturday, September 15th ! 8:30-9:45am

This 75 minute class is 25 minute cardio intervals, 5 minute transition, and 45 minute vinyasa yoga. This class is designed to increase both your physical and mental strength. Class participation is both outdoor and indoor. This is NOW a regularly scheduled class. No longer an enrollment. (regular class pass works for this class)Check the live schedule to see who is teaching and when Teacher Training will alter weekend schedules.

Warrior's Sign Up


8AM Morning Reboot

We know your day gets busy! So, stop in and get that morning workout in either right after dropping the kids off at school, or right before you start your endless list of daily to-do's. We now have 4 classes offered at 8am weekly!

Tues: Tabata Warrior with Margaret

Wed: All Level Vinyasa with Wendy

Thurs: Tabata Warrior with Jordan

Fri: Gentle Flow with Asta

Early Sign-In


Mindfulness Workshops

The Pretty Zen Girls , Anna Underwood and Chanda Murphy are back at Pike Yoga this September with 2 NEW workshop options for ALL ages .

  • Intro to Meditation- for Everyone

    • Tues, Sept 25th,1:30pm

    • Wed, Sept 26th, 6:30pm

  • How to Chill-Middle School & High School Students

    • Middle: Sept 23rd, 6pm

    • High: Sept 30th, 6pm

Get more info about workshops on our website!

Teacher Training Weekend *Schedule Changes*

Reminder:Teacher Training at Pike Yoga this weekend. All regularly scheduled classes are CANCELLED for this weekend.

A modified schedule is available...

Friday: Ashtanga Short Form 6:15-7:15pm
Saturday: Ashtanga Short Form 9-10am
Sunday: Ashtanga Primary Series 10-11:30am & Yin at 4:30pm

Yoga Nidra is now offered twice a week beginning Sept. 10th!

Gentle & Yoga Nidra- Mondays at 7:15pm with Anita

Yin & Yoga Nidra- Wednesdays at 6:15pm with Kim

 Yoga Nidra, is a guided meditation that is practiced lying down. You will be in a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, like the "going-to-sleep" stage. You will experience deep relaxation in a state of meditative consciousness. Yoga Nidra loosely translates as “dynamic sleep” the experience of yoga (union) during Nidra (sleep or dream).

Pike Student Stories: Henry Moore

Germantown, TN - August 2018

Henry Moore, 68, didn’t set out to lose weight or transform his life, but that’s exactly what happened.  In 2006, Henry experienced a medical scare when his blood pressure spiked to a dangerously high level.  Unaware of the reason for feeling somewhat ill, he decided to get his blood pressure checked in order to eliminate blood pressure as the cause of his discomfort.  Being a blood donor, he drove to a nearby Life Blood center for assistance.   

Upon seeing that his blood pressure was near 180/120 (high blood pressure has recently been redefined as 130/80), the nurse did not allow Henry to drive himself to a nearby hospital emergency room because of the seriousness of his condition.  Pat, his wife was notified and came to his rescue.  At the hospital, his condition was stabilized, and a serious situation was avoided.  “That was a wake-up call in my life and I knew I had to make some changes” said Henry. He was subsequently diagnosed with sleep apnea and fitted with a CPAP device which he used during sleep for the next 12 years.  He also practiced life-style moderation, took prescription medication for blood pressure and cholesterol, and occasionally got some physical exercise.  Yes, his overall health could be considered as good, but he knew he could do better.

During the spring of 2015, Henry noticed the positive physical transformation his daughter Nicole was experiencing after four months of yoga.  Hesitant, because his physical conditioning was somewhat lacking, he eventually decided to try yoga for the first time.  He was pleasantly surprised by the exhilaration and the feeling of accomplishment that he experienced at the end of the session and immediately knew that his yoga journey had just begun.

Henry spent the next several months building strength and confidence by practicing yoga at home guided by YouTube instructors and visiting several out of state yoga studios while traveling on business.  Upon his return to Memphis, he searched for a local studio.  While perusing the Pike Yoga website, he was intrigued by their motto “Attitude-Matitude-Gratitude” and felt that there just might be something special about the studio.  Henry decided to give Pike a try and attended many different types of classes.  “I can honestly say that after practicing over 350 sessions with all of the teachers at Pike Yoga, I have not been disappointed during the last three years, not even once”.  As his fitness level and confidence improved, he found the Ashtanga and Vinyasa practices both physically and mentally rewarding.  Henry practices 6 days a week now and visits yoga studios around the country during business travel.  He says, “I’ve heard many yogis say, ‘Yoga is for EVERYONE’ and ‘It is YOUR practice’, and I believe that to be true. In a world where competition is prevalent in many aspects of our lives, a person can practice yoga with the knowledge that your personal success is not measured or determined by others, but by YOU”.

After three years of a regular yoga practice and twelve months on a plant-based diet, Henry’s health has improved to a point where his blood pressure and cholesterol numbers are in decline.  He has reduced his body weight by 25 pounds.  He no longer has sleep apnea and does not use the CPAP machine.  “Today, at age 68, my fitness level is somewhat similar to what I experienced at a MUCH younger age…Yoga has paved the way for my life transformation and I’m so grateful for the practice” said Henry.   

Pike Yoga is located at 7853 Farmington Blvd, Germantown.  

August Newsletter

New Fall Schedule starting after Labor Day!

Click on the picture of schedule below to enlarge or print.

New Workshops!

Occipivot Workshop

With Kathleen Hall, E-RYT 200, LMT, YACEP

"Releasing the Superficial Back Line"

Suffering from low back pain, tight hamstrings, plantar fasciitis, neck issues, headaches, sinus problems and overall back tightness?

This tool will teach you ways to release fascial restrictions, align and create space where tension has taken over. 

*Please wear tight fitted clothing .

**Space is limited.

Saturday, September 15;  1-3pm;  $40 workshop fee

Please feel free to contact Kathleen if you have any questions at Kathleendoula@yahoo.com

Occipivots available for sale: $44+ tax


Thinking of participating in St. Jude Marathon Weekend? Don’t have a team? Run with Pike Yoga for Hayden’s Warriors! A team for Hayden Matthews, the nephew of Pike Yoga Owner, Wendy Holmes. Read more about his story by following the link below!

Image 8-22-18 at 10.58 AM.jpg


New to the schedule:  RESTORATIVE- first Friday of the month, YIN- Fridays at 1030, Gentle-Tues at 6pm and Wed at 10:45 for an extended 75 minute version.

Yoga 101--2 NEW Sessions to start-Thursdays, 6pm Jan. 12th and Sundays, 3pm, Jan. 15th

Call, Text or Email to schedule PRIVATE or GROUP personal training sessions. 901.277.7136 or workoutwithwendy@gmail.com

ANATOMY TRAINS: Body Rolling Workshop with Gary Edge & Kathleen Hall

Saturday, May 14th, 12:30-2:30p

Sign up available on Enrollments page.

Workshop $60

Join us while we explore, reveal,  and roll out the myofascial meridians of
Anatomy Trains put forth by Thomas Myers. The AT lines connect the body from
head to toe. Greater familiarity with these meridians will make your rolling
sessions more effective in increasing body awareness,  mobility, flexibility
and reducing and eliminating chronic pain. 

The instructors will be giving hands on adjustmentsto help pinpoint those nagging spots and to assure you are on the right meridian.

Gary Edge has been a licensed massage therapist for 17 years, practicing and
certified in Structural Integration by Tom Myersfor 12 years, RYT 200 for
8 years, and is also the only Certified Fascial Stretch Specialist in the area.

Kathleen Hall is a licensed massage therapist who specializes in John Barnes Myofascial Release along with teaching yoga and body rolling.

FREE Warrior Girl muscle tank...

Register for warrior girl by March 26th for the FREE tank. Series will be Saturdays, April 9-30th, 8-9:15am.  Look up in Enrollments.

More March Madness: Sun Salutations Workshop, Wall Yoga, Body Rolling, Yoga 101 and more. Contact @ workoutwithwendy@gmail.com to be added to the Monthly Email Newsletter!



Last day to purchase:  ANNIV. SPECIAL EXP. 12/5/15


Thanksgiving...find your gratitude.

Pike's Anniversary...we are a year old!! Look for FLASH sales.

Men's Health Month...check out the Guys & Growlers class for Men.  Wed. Nov. 11 & 18 @ 7:15pm. Go to enrollment/workshop page for more info.

NEW in November:  Prenatal Series Mondays 10:45a, Beginners Series (more gentle than Yoga 101) Mondays 8a, Restorative Tuesdays 7:15p, Vinyasa Level 1 Saturdays 11:30am.