Pike Yoga


At Pike Yoga, we believe that EVERYONE needs yoga. Yoga is the one practice that complements all other exercise programs. Whether practiced daily or once a week, yoga will produce considerable benefits.

Our philosophy, "Attitude. Matitude. Gratitude." comes from our practice of yoga. 

Most of us come to class with some form of an attitude, and not necessarily in the negative sense. Our attitudes can arise from frustration, guilt, anger, fatigue, loneliness, excitement, urgency, contentment, or any number of other feelings. So then, we come to the mat and practice; we begin to work through these outside distractions. 

Yes, it's a made up word. Matitude is simply being present--there on the mat--with the breath, the mind, and the body. Matitude is dynamic--always changing, always evolving. It is the practice of being who it is that you are supposed to be. 

The final component is gratitude. This is where the intention of your practice is absorbed. It is finding light in darkness, quietness in chaos--simply being thankful.

YOGA 201

4 week series for $40 or $16 drop in 

Next Session: Wednesdays, 6:15p, April 3 - April 24


Yoga 201 (prerequisite Yoga 101)- - is designed to give the Yoga 101 student additional feedback in the poses and a more in depth look into the 8 limbs of yoga.

This series will offer both Ashtanga Short Form & All Level Vinyasa type classes.

4 week series: $40

Drop In: $16


MYSORE with Kelsey Phillips, RYT 500

Sunday’s March 17th and April 28th, 2:15pm - 3:45pm, $20


Self Myofascial Release Series with Kathleen Hall, E-RYT 200, LMT-YACEP

Fridays, March 1st, 15th, 22nd, & 29th, Noon-1:30pm, $60 for 4 week series or $20/drop-in

Kathleen Body Rolling

Self Myofascial Release Class is an empowering self therapy that improves posture, releases stress and tension from the body, relieves pain and leaves you feeling light and awakened through out your whole being. No experience necessary.  Drop in's welcome.  Please wear tight fitting clothing.  Prop's provided.

4 week series: $60

Drop In: $20

Ayurvedic Eating 6 Taste Philosophy & Spices Everyday Medicine Workshop with Caroline Schmidt, AHC, RYT

This 2 part lecture series is a brief introduction to Ayurvedic eating. The first lecture lays out the 6 taste philosophy. Taste signifies many things about our food and nutrition. We will discuss the significance of the 6 tastes, their properties and actions and how they affect the body. The second lecture is about spices, our daily medicine. Often we look to herbs and supplements to right health issues. However proper spice is our first defense against all kinds of ailments and imbalances. In this workshop we look over some common spices discussing how they can medicinally support health, healing and nutrition and how we can practically incorporate them into our daily diet. 


A two part lecture series:

  • 6 Taste Philosophy

    March 2nd 1-2:30pm

  • Spices…Everyday Medicine

    March 30th 1-2:30pm

    Single Lecture: $30

    Both Lectures: $50


“Therapeutic Foam Rolling Workshop” with Kathleen Hall, E-RYT 200, LMT, YACEP

Saturday, April 6th. 1-2:30pm

$30 workshop fee

Learn self myofascial release tools to get rid of tension and tightness, improve flexibility and reduce pain. This is a unique way of rolling that you don’t want to miss! 

Rollers will be for sale for $45 or bring your own, preferably a soft one. 

Please email Kathleen if you have any questions: